Cassette EP

by There Are Ghosts

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released November 21, 2015



all rights reserved


There Are Ghosts Indianapolis, Indiana

Gwynn - Vocals
Tony - Guitar/Vocals
Jon - Guitar
Andrew - Bass
Mike - Drums

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Track Name: The Woman in the Wooden Chest
She never could have known
Never would have guessed
All the dreams for her
(They) traveled someplace else

She never saw the point of regret
As long as she's trying her best
But that was all before she was
The woman in the wooden chest

He squeezed her tight
Something doesn't feel right tonight,
but she said
Don't worry about me boy
Don't worry

The night was long and slow
Refills for the regulars
Until the diner closed
To make coin for the creditors

Walking home, lost in her head
She bummed a cigarette
And was chosen to be
The woman in the wooden chest

Alone in bed
Her last words ringing in his head
Don't worry about me, boy
Don't worry
Track Name: Soulless Corpse
from here it's clear you're out of control, so let me step in

you don't even know, you don't even know yourself

so how can you find anyone at all who loves you for you and not for something devious like a notch on their bed, your head on a trophy wall?

when you meet them halfway, sometimes you even crawl

we've see you be so much better than your current self

but now like a fool you're a soulless corpse

you don't feel what's wrong until it's too late

and you don't seem to recognize the signs until they're down

the cost that you're not willing to pay, you just set yourself up to fall and break bones and to fail all over again

so tell us we should spend our energy on a soulless corpse, on a soulless corpse

you don't feel what's wrong until it's too late

and you don't seem to recognize the signs until they're down, they're down

ohhh, oh oh ohhhh
oh oh oh ohhhhh ohhhhh
Track Name: Supercell
we watch the world spin at the speed of light

we can't feel it at all because we're much too numb

keep spinning fast like it will never last

drop to the ground

you can't hold it all. you can't control it at all before you're called back up

the supercell spins out of control

we hear the earth spin at the speed of sound

when the rotation's off, light and sound collide

if we synch them up the signal becomes clearer and we feel the balance

it's so quiet in there, so peaceful in the eye of the storm
Track Name: There Are Ghosts
there are ghosts and they walk close filming everything

and then we're ghosts, and in between we're spokes that move a machine

there are ghosts and when they're near you feel a chill

and when we're ghosts, we'll seek the heat, the touch we never... We thought we'd lose

you can't feel, but it's real